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"All Hail Enigmarelle, The Great Mother - a contraption that changed the world and forever made us live in peace, for it was given to us by God himself! Just take your pills and obey, and the Ministry will take care of the rest"


  • Arena:
    • P1: WASD; X attacks
    • P2: Arrows; End attacks
  • Board:
    • Q and E rotate the camera; scroll to zoom
"When one removes the excess of free will in man, we diminish their thirst for power and the influence of their animal instincts, improving the very cogs that move our society, making it a well oiled machine under She who understands perfectly the engines of existence: The Great Mother, and the Good Men of the Ministries"
- Dr. Antoine Labeouf

1894 was made for #RemakeJam based on a draft written in 2008. It was actually never made in its original form, but was repurposed in a revised "MVP" version that became the original SumoCheckers. Although I originally envisioned it as a VR remake, doing the jam after working hours took its toll and I've kept it as simple as possible for the sake of releasing it - including all the throwback to the (quasi-cringy at this point) original lore and excluding all the cool features like board effects and special abilities.

Stay tuned for updates (maybe!)

"The only honest thing about this story that is shoved down our throats is the name of our nation: Dystopia. We don't want an utopia, just to revive the old notion of an existence lost for God knows how many years - one in which man is responsible for their destiny and their actions. I don't know what year is this. I don't know how many generations have been through this distortion of reality - I just know that every time a Labeouf gets old and suddenly changes appearence to no one's notice, I lose more and more track of time. I just know this: 1894 was a long time ago. I do know this: this is the year where we will take existence back. Even if the last of us has to perish in the battlefield"


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