A downloadable game for Windows

Maya is a game created for the Leap Motion 3d Jam, based on the Hindu concept of the same name. It was made in the very late hours of worknights and, unfortunately, there won't be time for more polish.

Use your hands to explore different perspectives and alter the way you see the world.

There are three game modes:

- Journey: travel through realities while discovering the hidden glyphs

- Endless: how long can you keep up?

- Zen: no timer, no goal, no rush.

With a wonderful original and multi-layered soundtrack by Leo Perantoni that not only completes the journey, but also adapts with your progress.

Install instructions

The game feels and works better with the Leap Motion on the table, instead of being head mounted. This lets you manipulate the objects while still being able to look around.

To control, basically you have to put both your hands within the Leap's view and get your palms facing each other. This enables the rotational input.

Pushing one hand forward and the other hand backwards rotates in the Y axis, while doing the same in the vertical direction rotates in the Z axis. To rotate in the X axis, twist your hands as if you were opening a bottle.


maya.zip 71 MB
maya-hotfix.zip 71 MB