Ever since ancient alchemical experiments... the real heroes were always the mice! Figure out which potions you can make from flowers.

Scroll all the way down if you get stuck for some hints (contains spoilers!)

[UPDATE 14/11/2017]

  • Added Quests
  • Fixed minor bugs


This is one of the prototypes I was developing for Bestiarium on and off over a few months this year. I was originally never going to publish it, but since I couldn't get my main idea ready in time for #PROCJAM 2017, I decided to quickly wrap it up and submit this one.

You can read about my method for generating the flowers in this blog post.

I expect many bugs, especially on the experiments, and will try to fix some of them. Feel free to report!

Scroll down for hints & tips if you're stuck, but remember that discovering the mechanics is a mechanic in itself!


Since I didn't have time to revise the UX and I've noticed a lot of people having problems, here's a few tips:

  1. Water is white, so if you see white smoke, that's steam, and not your substance!
  2. All the substances boil either before or after 100C.
  3. Distillation works by completely separating water and the substance, which means you'll either evaporate all the water first, then the substance, or just the substance, and water will be left on the left one.
  4. Experiments can be deceiving! If your rat died or got sick, it's not necessarily a poison, and if your rat goes back to normal, it might not be a normalization agent. Do several experiments in several concentrations and rat states.
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AuthorYanko Oliveira
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Tagsalchemy, chemistry, Experimental, Life Simulation, Magic, potions, Procedural Generation, procgen, PROCJAM, rats


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Only  a short ways into this, but it's pretty neat (and much better than experimenting on real rats, of course).