Harvest magic ingredients from the bodies imps slain by heroes way braver than you - but way less resistant to the smell of putrefaction than you!

Vive version Soon-ish!



  • If you ship an errand correctly, you get immediate feedback


  • Added way more polish than I should
  • Audio! Audio everywhere!
  • Fixed a bug where Nosey would smell organs instead of substances and vice versa
  • Organs can't be researched in the microscope or the books after heavy processing
  • Unknown organs have a "?" tooltip
  • Fixed a bug when delivering glands instead of their extracts not counting as a discovery
  • Some more helpful feedback
  • Some new (maybe unexpected) reactions


  • Added intro tutorial from Nosey (turn up your volume!)
  • Added some reversible reactions
  • Reactions and non-reactions have better feedback
  • Tooltips are now more agressive
  • Added Windows downloadable
  • Fixed 0 bugs

Extra notes:

  • Press I to Invert Mouse
  • Pres R 3 times to reset your profile, then reload the page/restart the app
    • This allows you to listen to my wonderful voice over again


Drop organs and ingredients in the yellow areas to react or research them. Show them to Nosey to have a sniff and research them with the microscope and books to have a better idea what they are. Drop ingredients on the crate and pull the rope to ring the bell and deliver them!

DISCLAIMER: I totally cheated and use a lot of the Bestiarium Invocation Toy and some previous experiments to build the entry on top. This is technically the Bestiarium prototype #3.

I've also used some assets from opengameart.org.

More information

Published71 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Tagsanatomy, demons, Detective, dissection, procedura, PROCJAM, surgeon-simulator, weird
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


[LATEST] De daemonici corporis fabrica (34 MB)


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Looking forward to trying the vive Version!